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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOOTH, Benjamin  1838Yorkshire, England I6484
2 BOOTH, Hannah  Abt 1830Yorkshire, England I6480
3 BOOTH, James  Abt 1806Yorkshire, England I6478
4 BOOTH, James  1840Yorkshire, England I6485
5 BOOTH, Joseph  Abt 1833Yorkshire, England I6481
6 BOOTH, Mary  Abt 1837Yorkshire, England I6483
7 BOOTH, Sarah  Abt 1835Yorkshire, England I6482
8 BROOKS, Mary  Abt 1808Yorkshire, England I5996
9 BROWN, Frances  Abt 1793Yorkshire, England I183
10 FAWCETT, George C.  5 Feb 1809Yorkshire, England I4455
11 FAWCETT, Mary Ann  15 Aug 1810Yorkshire, England I4469
12 MORPHET, John Ernest  Abt 1869Yorkshire, England I13892
13 POLLARD, Alice  Abt 1811Yorkshire, England I6479
14 RUSTON, Edward  Abt 1775Yorkshire, England I4985
15 RUSTON, Thomas  at 1819Yorkshire, England I4989
16 SHAW, Anthony  1874Yorkshire, England I13889
17 SHIPLEY, John  Abt 1826Yorkshire, England I9781
18 WAINWRIGHT, Minnie  Abt 1912Yorkshire, England I11189
19 WEBSTER, Edward  Abt 1821Yorkshire, England I11032
20 WEBSTER, Henry  Abt 1826Yorkshire, England I11033
21 WEBSTER, Sarah  Abt 1831Yorkshire, England I11034
22 WOGAN, Patrick  Abt 1816Yorkshire, England I10452


Matches 1 to 26 of 26

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARTHUR, Albert William  1955Yorkshire, England I7147
2 BROOKS, Elizabeth  Bef 31 May 1870Yorkshire, England I242
3 BROOKS, Harriott  8 Apr 1871Yorkshire, England I4802
4 BROOKS, Henry  Bef 17 Jan 1882Yorkshire, England I5997
5 BROOKS, Thomas  Abt 1895Yorkshire, England I244
6 CARLINE, Jane Wilson  1868Yorkshire, England I4614
7 CARLINE, Mary  1879Yorkshire, England I4617
8 FREAR, Francis  Bef 1 Mar 1869Yorkshire, England I13779
9 HOLMES, Philip  1866Yorkshire, England I6008
10 HONEYWELL, John  Abt 1924Yorkshire, England I12927
11 MORPHET, Anthony Bentley  1880Yorkshire, England I13890
12 MORPHET, John Ernest  Abt 1871Yorkshire, England I13892
13 MORPHET, Mary Alice  27 Jul 1944Yorkshire, England I13891
14 NESWORTHY, James Ford  1966Yorkshire, England I5602
15 ROWNTREE, Amelia  1852Yorkshire, England I6013
16 ROWNTREE, Edward Philip  1907Yorkshire, England I6012
17 ROWNTREE, Edward William  1925Yorkshire, England I6014
18 ROWNTREE, Robert  1868Yorkshire, England I5995
19 RUSTON, Jane  Abt 1898Yorkshire, England I4988
20 SARGESON, Sarah Ann  1911Yorkshire, England I10462
21 SHAW, Leah Carline  Abt 1904Yorkshire, England I13886
22 STACEY, Eileen Hawke  Mar 1993Yorkshire, England I8490
23 TOUT, Albert Victor  1944Yorkshire, England I10719
24 WAINWRIGHT, Minnie  Abt 1912Yorkshire, England I11189
25 WHITHAM, Beatrice  4 May 1913Yorkshire, England I5412
26 WILLCOCKS, Elizabeth  1926Yorkshire, England I12917


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LYON / WOGAN  1855Yorkshire, England F2697
2 MORPHET / SARGESON  1864Yorkshire, England F3601
3 NESSWORTHY / HIGGINS  1937Yorkshire, England F1368
4 ROWNTREE / JEFFERSON  1872Yorkshire, England F1553
5 ROWNTREE / NICHOLLS  1871Yorkshire, England F1556
6 ROWNTREE / RUSTON  1848Yorkshire, England F1550