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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

New Brunswick, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amelia  10 Dec 1853New Brunswick, Canada I6382
2 ALWARD, Archibald  1877New Brunswick, Canada I4450
3 ALWARD, Christina  Abt 1874New Brunswick, Canada I5479
4 ALWARD, David Samuel  1875New Brunswick, Canada I4449
5 ALWARD, Dorcas  1870New Brunswick, Canada I4448
6 ALWARD, William Oliver  Abt 1865New Brunswick, Canada I4445
7 BOWSER, Bliss Beaumont  Abt 1884New Brunswick, Canada I798
8 BREHAUT, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1877New Brunswick, Canada I780
9 BROOKS, Ernest Frederick  4 Sep 1891New Brunswick, Canada I791
10 BROOKS, Frank Wallace  1925New Brunswick, Canada I988
11 BROOKS, Fred Donald  1927New Brunswick, Canada I990
12 BROOKS, Gertrude L.  30 Mar 1914New Brunswick, Canada I996
13 BROOKS, Lena  Aug 1911New Brunswick, Canada I994
14 BROOKS, Mary Alice  28 Jun 1877New Brunswick, Canada I787
15 BROOKS, Maurice Hicks  1913New Brunswick, Canada I983
16 BROOKS, Norman C.  1912New Brunswick, Canada I982
17 BROOKS, Ralph  Oct 1908New Brunswick, Canada I6138
18 BROOKS, Ralph  May 1909New Brunswick, Canada I993
19 BROOKS, Ronald Wheaton  26 Nov 1941New Brunswick, Canada I1148
20 CONSTANTINE, Ammon B.  Abt 1872New Brunswick, Canada I4434
21 CONSTANTINE, Amy  Abt 1879New Brunswick, Canada I7073
22 CONSTANTINE, Annie E.  Abt 1878New Brunswick, Canada I4438
23 CONSTANTINE, Devery Jane  Abt 1871New Brunswick, Canada I7071
24 CONSTANTINE, Hannah B.  Abt 1875New Brunswick, Canada I7072
25 CONSTANTINE, Ira B.  Abt 1862New Brunswick, Canada I7067
26 CONSTANTINE, Jessie  Abt 1868New Brunswick, Canada I4431
27 CONSTANTINE, John Er  Abt 1838New Brunswick, Canada I5569
28 CONSTANTINE, John Frank  Abt 1865New Brunswick, Canada I7068
29 CONSTANTINE, John Harris  Abt 1883New Brunswick, Canada I9590
30 CONSTANTINE, Laura  Abt 1874New Brunswick, Canada I4436
31 CONSTANTINE, Lydia E.  Abt 1879New Brunswick, Canada I4439
32 CONSTANTINE, Mary  Abt 1869New Brunswick, Canada I4432
33 CONSTANTINE, Phares Alenzo  Abt 1843New Brunswick, Canada I5568
34 CONSTANTINE, Rhoda C.  Abt 1872New Brunswick, Canada I4435
35 CONSTANTINE, Ross  Abt 1888New Brunswick, Canada I9587
36 CONSTANTINE, Wealthy  Abt 1867New Brunswick, Canada I7069
37 CONSTANTINE, William S.  15 Jul 1885New Brunswick, Canada I4441
38 CONSTANTINE, Young Sherman  Abt 1845New Brunswick, Canada I5480
39 CONSTANTINE, Zarah Ulysses  17 Jan 1841New Brunswick, Canada I3251
40 COOKE, Martha  Dec 1865New Brunswick, Canada I5548
41 CRANDALL, Rosilla Jane  26 Aug 1867New Brunswick, Canada I1421
42 DICKEY, Susannah  8 Aug 1829New Brunswick, Canada I10530
43 DOWNING, Marguerite  Abt 1827New Brunswick, Canada I3115
44 DRYDEN, Lewis Alfred  Abt 1850New Brunswick, Canada I6715
45 FAWCETT, Frances Amelia  18 Dec 1843New Brunswick, Canada I4444
46 FAWCETT, Mary A.  1837New Brunswick, Canada I4457
47 FAWCETT, Thomas Wellington  1841New Brunswick, Canada I4459
48 FIEDLER, Georgianna  Jul 1850New Brunswick, Canada I1404
49 GUNNING, Ada  Abt 1871New Brunswick, Canada I12681
50 GUNNING, Anna  Abt 1873New Brunswick, Canada I12682

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CONSTANTINE, Ira B.  2 Feb 1890New Brunswick, Canada I7067
2 CONSTANTINE, Phares Alenzo  26 Feb 1917New Brunswick, Canada I5568
3 CONSTANTINE, Talbert Harold  28 Jul 1951New Brunswick, Canada I4433
4 LEWIS, Stewart  9 Apr 1904New Brunswick, Canada I6381
5 LUTES, Michael  1856New Brunswick, Canada I5502
6 LUTES, Sophia  1851New Brunswick, Canada I5501
7 RICKER, Mary  1851New Brunswick, Canada I5485
8 TURNER, Stella Myrtle  14 Jul 1995New Brunswick, Canada I799


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROOKS / SMITH  New Brunswick, Canada F223
2 LEWIS / O'BLENIS  30 Dec 1908New Brunswick, Canada F1648
3 LUTES / RICKER  1773New Brunswick, Canada F1444