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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Middlesex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLACK, Elizabeth  1907Middlesex, England I11944
2 CLACK, Robert Hall  Abt 1846Middlesex, England I11903
3 COLERIDGE, Beatrice Louise  11 Oct 1879Middlesex, England I12460
4 COLERIDGE, Charles  Bef 7 Jun 1868Middlesex, England I14380
5 COLERIDGE, Charles  1882Middlesex, England I14381
6 COLERIDGE, Maud Ella  Abt 1887Middlesex, England I14384
7 CORBLUTH, Doris Elizabeth  20 Aug 1899Middlesex, England I9909
8 CROCKER, Eliza  Abt 1878Middlesex, England I5124
9 CROOK, Clara Jane  Abt 1877Middlesex, England I9252
10 DAY, Kenneth F.  12 Dec 1928Middlesex, England I14382
11 DICK, Frank Gerald Stanley Burnett  16 Dec 1910Middlesex, England I10777
12 DICK, Walter Gunn Gilbert Burnett  18 May 1912Middlesex, England I10776
13 DUKE, Charles  1906Middlesex, England I14218
14 DUKE, Florence Faith  1897Middlesex, England I14217
15 DUKE, John William  1866Middlesex, England I3280
16 INKPEN, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1868Middlesex, England I13078
17 INKPEN, Henry Joseph Walter  Abt 1865Middlesex, England I13077
18 INKPEN, Minnie  Abt 1870Middlesex, England I13079
19 LANG, Arthur Henry H.  1868Middlesex, England I7049
20 TRIGGS, Jane  Abt 1836Middlesex, England I12495


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CLACK, George Alfred  1961Middlesex, England I11906
2 CLACK, Matilda  1906Middlesex, England I11905
3 CLACK, Robert Hall  Abt 1886Middlesex, England I11903
4 COLERIDGE, Amelia Martha  1879Middlesex, England I6524
5 COLERIDGE, Jessie Florence  1907Middlesex, England I4348
6 COLERIDGE, Maud Ella  1890Middlesex, England I14384
7 COLERIDGE, William  1883Middlesex, England I4336
8 COWDEROY, Anne  1904Middlesex, England I12498
9 CRUMP, George  1869Middlesex, England I1992
10 CRUMP, Kate Farley  1888Middlesex, England I2051
11 DALLISON, Emily  1885Middlesex, England I11083
12 DENNIS, Charlotte  1922Middlesex, England I9089
13 DICK, Kathleen Elizabeth Burnett  Bef 25 Oct 1915Middlesex, England I1885
14 DUKE, Charles  1906Middlesex, England I14218
15 DUKE, Florence Faith  Abt 1900Middlesex, England I14217
16 FARLEY, Elizabeth Ann  1906Middlesex, England I1988
17 GILLETT, Edgar  1907Middlesex, England I10869
18 INKPEN, Ellen Susannah  1898Middlesex, England I13083
19 NOSWORTHY, George  1900Middlesex, England I3938
20 PHILLIPS, John Burrow  1905Middlesex, England I11928
21 RENDEL, Mary  Between 1901 and 1911Middlesex, England I11995
22 RICH, Emma Caroline  1953Middlesex, England I10989
23 RODAWAY, William  Bef 18 Aug 1901Middlesex, England I10477
24 TRIGGS, Ellen Jane C.  1931Middlesex, England I12500
25 WATSON, Charlotte Martin  1900Middlesex, England I3278


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HANSON, Charlotte Elizabeth  5 May 1914Middlesex, England I12513
2 TRIGGS, Egbert  19 Jan 1927Middlesex, England I12502


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CHANNEN /   1877Middlesex, England F638
2 CORBLUTH / FARLEY  1899Middlesex, England F2470
3 CROCKER / CROOK  1903Middlesex, England F2311
4 CRUMP / BROWN  1875Middlesex, England F2986
5 DE MARCILLAC / CROWTHER  1956Middlesex, England F3155
6 DICK / FARLEY  Abt 1898Middlesex, England F602
7 HORSWILL / INGRAM  1930Middlesex, England F3726
8 HORSWILL / WATSON  1886Middlesex, England F965
9 INKPEN / BROWN  1896Middlesex, England F3419
10 PASFIELD / INKPEN  1884Middlesex, England F3420
11 SHAPLEY / DALLISON  1879Middlesex, England F2739
12 TRIGGS / WRELTON  1888Middlesex, England F3268
13 WALL / GUNDRY  1926Middlesex, England F3468