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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Michigan, U.S.A.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BRADLEY, Bertha Marie  Abt 1879Michigan, U.S.A. I4007
2 CARTER, George Thomas  28 Oct 1910Michigan, U.S.A. I426
3 COUNTER, Fannie R.  Abt 1895Michigan, U.S.A. I7972
4 COUNTER, Georgina  Abt 1886Michigan, U.S.A. I7969
5 COUNTER, Mary Ada  Abt 1863Michigan, U.S.A. I7975
6 COUNTER, Ora Mae  29 Apr 1910Michigan, U.S.A. I14406
7 CURNOW, Margaret Irene  3 Jul 1920Michigan, U.S.A. I4113
8 DUKE, Marie C.  9 May 1932Michigan, U.S.A. I9025
9 DUKE, William G. "Bill"  14 Feb 1935Michigan, U.S.A. I9027
10 FAIRCHILDS, Helen P. Dean  May 1896Michigan, U.S.A. I9035
11 FENTON, Jennie L.  Abt 1891Michigan, U.S.A. I8042
12 FOREMAN, Willard George  24 Mar 1910Michigan, U.S.A. I12558
13 GUCK, Alexdrina  Abt 1862Michigan, U.S.A. I9118
14 GUCK, Florence  Dec 1896Michigan, U.S.A. I9111
15 GUCK, Fred  Abt 1905Michigan, U.S.A. I9101
16 GUCK, Homer L.  2 Apr 1915Michigan, U.S.A. I429
17 GUCK, Lee E.  Abt 1906Michigan, U.S.A. I9102
18 GUCK, Maximillian  Abt 1867Michigan, U.S.A. I9119
19 HALL, Ada  27 May 1914Michigan, U.S.A. I411
20 HALL, Bessie  5 Sep 1912Michigan, U.S.A. I410
21 HALL, Clarice  29 May 1906Michigan, U.S.A. I2451
22 HALL, Lillian  6 Jan 1909Michigan, U.S.A. I2453
23 HALL, Mabel Jane  12 Aug 1908Michigan, U.S.A. I322
24 HALL, Percy J.  5 Feb 1911Michigan, U.S.A. I2465
25 HALL, William John  14 Aug 1909Michigan, U.S.A. I323
26 HALL, William Richard  Abt 1904Michigan, U.S.A. I2449
27 HARRINGTON, Edwina  Abt 1888Michigan, U.S.A. I9236
28 MILLS, Byron E.  Abt 1884Michigan, U.S.A. I9047
29 MOORE, Edward Young  Abt 1869Michigan, U.S.A. I9186
30 NELSON, Eleanor G.  Abt 1881Michigan, U.S.A. I9100
31 PROEFKE, Lawrence A.  7 Jul 1917Michigan, U.S.A. I432
32 RYERSON, Florence A.  Abt 1864Michigan, U.S.A. I9238
33 SANDBORN, Sarah V.  17 Feb 1911Michigan, U.S.A. I9297
34 SMITH, Fanny M.  Nov 1867Michigan, U.S.A. I9044
35 SWACKHAMMER, Betty Fern  Abt 1924Michigan, U.S.A. I7856
36 SWACKHAMMER, Donald W.  22 Nov 1929Michigan, U.S.A. I7857
37 WARMINGTON, Lottie  Abt 1879Michigan, U.S.A. I9684


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DUKE, William G. "Bill"  16 Nov 1995Michigan, U.S.A. I9027
2 GUCK, Kaspar  Bef 1880Michigan, U.S.A. I9113
3 HALL, Dorothy  21 Sep 2012Michigan, U.S.A. I412
4 HALL, Irene M.  8 Jul 2011Michigan, U.S.A. I12115
5 HALL, John Thomas  Abt Apr 1957Michigan, U.S.A. I42