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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Massachusetts, U.S.A.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Helen  Abt 1903Massachusetts, U.S.A. I6497
2 Marguerite C.  Abt 1892Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8838
3 BARRETT, Edgar B.  Abt 1885Massachusetts, U.S.A. I4400
4 BARRETT, Erskine W.  13 Aug 1926Massachusetts, U.S.A. I4405
5 BARRETT, Everett E.  Abt 1928Massachusetts, U.S.A. I4406
6 BECK, Abbie S.  Abt 1876Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8560
7 BECK, Frederick W.  Abt 1904Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8566
8 BECK, Kate S.  May 1885Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8563
9 BECK, Martha W.  Feb 1887Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8564
10 BECK, May A.  May 1882Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8562
11 BECK, Vere Frederick  Abt 1874Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8559
12 BELL, Randolph  Abt 1893Massachusetts, U.S.A. I906
13 BROOKS, Annie Bell  4 Dec 1888Massachusetts, U.S.A. I2758
14 BROOKS, Frances Willard  18 Mar 1888Massachusetts, U.S.A. I890
15 BROOKS, Helen Viola  27 Mar 1883Massachusetts, U.S.A. I888
16 BROOKS, Jeannette M.  Nov 1893Massachusetts, U.S.A. I2757
17 BROOKS, John Elmer  29 Apr 1903Massachusetts, U.S.A. I895
18 BROOKS, Lester Raymond  20 Oct 1885Massachusetts, U.S.A. I2760
19 BROOKS, Mildred Winona  25 Nov 1899Massachusetts, U.S.A. I894
20 BROOKS, Wendall Phillips  5 Jun 1890Massachusetts, U.S.A. I891
21 CARDINAL, Beatrice  Abt 1896Massachusetts, U.S.A. I2400
22 CHAFFE, Lizzie Nelson  Abt 1889Massachusetts, U.S.A. I4209
23 INGRAHAM, Irma Brooks  19 Sep 1891Massachusetts, U.S.A. I905
24 KALTER, Jessie  10 Aug 1890Massachusetts, U.S.A. I5567
25 PIERCE, Alfred  30 Apr 1895Massachusetts, U.S.A. I902
26 PIERCE, Ernest L. Jr.  9 Mar 1913Massachusetts, U.S.A. I7732
27 PIERCE, William F.  16 Nov 1920Massachusetts, U.S.A. I7733
28 PILLIDGE, Wallace  1 Nov 1875Massachusetts, U.S.A. I9264
29 SIMONDS, Ella Augusta  7 Jul 1886Massachusetts, U.S.A. I8565
30 TURNER, Noreen Enid  25 Jun 1903Massachusetts, U.S.A. I910
31 WONNACOTT, Samuel Arthur "Arthur"  Abt 1874Massachusetts, U.S.A. I7111
32 WOODMAN, Bernard Jack  25 Oct 1917Massachusetts, U.S.A. I11947
33 WOODMAN, Eleanor M.  1927Massachusetts, U.S.A. I11946
34 WOODMAN, Ernest Albert Henry  Abt 1916Massachusetts, U.S.A. I346
35 WOODMAN, George Gerald  30 Jul 1912Massachusetts, U.S.A. I4399


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Joseph Watson  15 Apr 1935Massachusetts, U.S.A. I111
2 BROOKS, Lester Raymond  May 1963Massachusetts, U.S.A. I2760
3 BROOKS, Sarah Jane  1925Massachusetts, U.S.A. I1355
4 BROWNE, Olive May  Jan 1965Massachusetts, U.S.A. I11921
5 CLARKE, Jennie  12 Aug 1931Massachusetts, U.S.A. I2702
6 HORTON, John Artemas  Massachusetts, U.S.A. I1453
7 SEWELL, Charles Reid  May 1964Massachusetts, U.S.A. I10641
8 STANCOMBE, James  5 Jan 1945Massachusetts, U.S.A. I11275


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEARS / SMITH  1764Massachusetts, U.S.A. F398