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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DUKE, Charles Lawrence  19 Nov 1935Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I511
2 DUKE, Ernest Albert  16 Jun 1930Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I508
3 DUKE, George Edgar  19 May 1924Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I506
4 DUKE, John William Henry  30 Apr 1926Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I507
5 FARQUHAR, George  1900Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I7015
6 HEROD, John Ross "Jack"  29 Apr 1914Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5930
7 JECKELL, Marilyn Jane  25 Feb 1937Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10673
8 MCDONALD, Catherine  17 Feb 1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12165
9 MCDONALD, Norah Elizabeth  6 Nov 1911Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12164
10 STREET, Evelyn Lila  30 Oct 1907Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10672
11 WALKER, Catherine  14 Jun 1931Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9437
12 WARWICK, Frank William John  9 Nov 1918Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10324
13 WATTS, Annie Sophia  18 Jul 1855Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10588
14 WATTS, Frederick Martin Price  23 Dec 1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I7958
15 WELCH, Robert Patrick  Abt 1899Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9032
16 WOODLOCK, Jacob  24 May 1999Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I7480
17 WOODLOCK, Jerret  24 May 1999Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I7481
18 YELLAND, Irene May  29 Jan 1926Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I521
19 YELLAND, John William Henry  21 Jul 1907Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I505
20 YELLAND, Mabel  27 May 1906Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I474
21 YELLAND, Nellie Florence  20 Apr 1910Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9438


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAVER, Christian  26 May 1928Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10949
2 CAMPBELL, Euphemia Anne  10 Aug 1962Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I8631
3 CORBLUTH, Arthur Farley  25 Oct 1981Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9898
4 DUKE, Charles Lawrence  26 Nov 2020Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I511
5 DUKE, Ernest Albert  25 Aug 2003Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I508
6 HAGLE, Arthur  16 Nov 1934Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I5981
7 LEVER, Horace Wilfred  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12333
8 MACRAE, Ruth Gladys  10 Jun 1960Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I1824
9 MATTHEWS, Mary Harvey  1960Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I473
10 MCDONALD, Catherine  17 Feb 1908Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12165
11 MOORE, George  31 Jul 1936Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10318
12 NORSWORTHY, Margaret  24 Nov 1929Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I4328
13 NOSWORTHY, Marianne  15 Jun 1877Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I4231
14 PLUMLEY, James Lawrence  23 Oct 1987Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I376
15 SHOEBOTTOM, Barbara Ann  30 Jan 1925Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I9036
16 STOBBS, Paul Andrew Horton  14 Feb 1999Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I950
17 TARRY, Faith  14 Jun 1937Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I3281
18 WARWICK, Frank William John  1 Jun 1920Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10324
19 WATTS, Annie Sophia  4 Sep 1927Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10588
20 WESTINGTON, Edna Dorothy  15 Feb 1976Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I10851
21 WOODLOCK, Jacob  24 May 1999Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I7480
22 WOODLOCK, Jerret  24 May 1999Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I7481
23 WORKS, Leander  Aft Sep 1945Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I3741
24 YELLAND, Dora Kathleen  4 Jan 2000Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I504
25 YELLAND, John William Henry  5 Nov 1930Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I35
26 YELLAND, Mabel  5 Apr 1983Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I474


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LEVER, Horace Wilfred  Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, Charles John  1938Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I801
2 BROOKS, Charles John  1946Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I801
3 CRAM, Dr. Robert Walden  1941Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I12332
4 WALKER, Martha  1861Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I6544
5 WILSON, Alice Effie  1929Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I911

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 STOBBS, Douglas Henry "Doug"  1959-1962Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada I947


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROOKS / RODGERS  2 Nov 1917Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F494
2 DUKE / YELLAND  27 Apr 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F133
3 HARRISON / COLLINS  21 Dec 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F2393
4 LAPP / WARD  13 Oct 1922Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F2033
5 MCGREGOR / DEVLIN  18 Sep 1926Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F3173
6 PLUMLEY / YELLAND  23 Sep 1926Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F132
7 WELCH / DUKE  25 May 1923Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F2259
8 YELLAND / FICKLING  22 Sep 1926Toronto, York, Ontario, Canada F144