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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Rhode Island, U.S.A.



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BELL, Andrew F.  Feb 1887Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11763
2 BELL, George T.  Jul 1880Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11760
3 BELL, Hannah  Abt 1863Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11360
4 BELL, Hannah J.  Sep 1878Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11759
5 BELL, Lilian G.  Feb 1882Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11761
6 BELL, May A.  Aug 1877Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11758
7 BELL, Rachel G.  Sep 1884Rhode Island, U.S.A. I11762
8 BOOTH, Ethel  2 Oct 1895Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2373
9 CAMERON, Arthur C.  2 May 1891Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2828
10 COLLINGE, Ethel L.  5 Nov 1906Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5103
11 COLLINGE, Robert Glover  1895Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5101
12 COLLINGE, Robert Thomas  1869Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5088
13 COLLINGE, Ruth M.  15 Mar 1904Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5102
14 COLLINGE, Unknown  11 Sep 1913Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5107
15 CURRIE, Vera L.  Abt 1886Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2399
16 DAW, Gertrude E.  21 Oct 1907Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2397
17 GLOVER, Anna Edna  Oct 1894Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2379
18 GLOVER, Hazle B.  18 Apr 1901Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2382
19 GLOVER, Jessie Hope  18 Apr 1901Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6714
20 GLOVER, John E.  29 Jun 1889Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2377
21 GLOVER, Lela P.  20 Nov 1898Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2381
22 GLOVER, Lillian M.  Abt 1871Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5087
23 GLOVER, Lillian V.  25 Feb 1890Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2378
24 GLOVER, Lucetta M.  23 Dec 1885Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2376
25 GLOVER, Ora Myrtle  30 Jan 1893Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6713
26 GLOVER, Robert H.  16 Nov 1896Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2380
27 GLOVER, William Wilson  7 Mar 1887Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6712
28 JOHNSON, Sarah Mary  1892Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5104
29 MACHON, Bertha L.  Abt 1878Rhode Island, U.S.A. I3991
30 MACHON, Daniel Charles  1872Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6918
31 MACHON, Edith M.  Abt 1901Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2391
32 MACHON, Eva J.  31 May 1894Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5848
33 MACHON, Harriet "Hattie"  Abt 1875Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6919
34 MACHON, Henry  Abt 1869Rhode Island, U.S.A. I8557
35 MACHON, Herbert J.  Abt 1878Rhode Island, U.S.A. I9679
36 MACHON, Hugh Raymond  27 Mar 1901Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2220
37 MACHON, James E.  20 Apr 1905Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2222
38 MACHON, John Herman B.  4 Jul 1902Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2221
39 MACHON, Leon Herbert  11 Mar 1900Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2219
40 MACHON, Lydia Jane  Abt 1879Rhode Island, U.S.A. I10227
41 MACHON, William  Abt 1874Rhode Island, U.S.A. I9677
42 MACHON, William T.  Abt 1874Rhode Island, U.S.A. I3990
43 MOORE, Charles Frederick  24 May 1882Rhode Island, U.S.A. I1883
44 MOORE, Howard R.  Abt 1907Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2762
45 PENNINGTON, Carrie  Abt 1890Rhode Island, U.S.A. I901
46 PILKINGTON, Alice M.  1862Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2490
47 SAUNDERS, Clarence Augustus  Abt 1889Rhode Island, U.S.A. I4208
48 STOTT, Ruth Louise  1 Apr 1904Rhode Island, U.S.A. I8507
49 STUTTARD, Albert  14 Jan 1904Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2480
50 STUTTARD, Albert W.  Nov 1869Rhode Island, U.S.A. I1370

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BELL, Walter  6 May 1888Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2150
2 COLLINGE, Unknown  11 Sep 1913Rhode Island, U.S.A. I5107
3 GLOVER, James  Rhode Island, U.S.A. I3183
4 GLOVER, Jessie Hope  11 Nov 1908Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6714
5 GLOVER, John  17 May 1897Rhode Island, U.S.A. I3200
6 GLOVER, Ora Myrtle  8 Sep 1895Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6713
7 GLOVER, Peter Thomas  26 Nov 1895Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2776
8 GLOVER, William Wilson  10 Mar 1892Rhode Island, U.S.A. I6712
9 HARRISON, Florence  19 Feb 1987Rhode Island, U.S.A. I2229
10 HUGH, Anna  Rhode Island, U.S.A. I1377
11 MACHON, Alexander  9 Oct 1905Rhode Island, U.S.A. I8553
12 MACHON, Daniel  5 Jul 1883Rhode Island, U.S.A. I727
13 MACHON, Frederick William  13 Sep 1916Rhode Island, U.S.A. I8554
14 MOORE, Hannah Wake  15 Jan 1892Rhode Island, U.S.A. I148
15 SENCABAUGH, Barbara  23 Sep 1885Rhode Island, U.S.A. I1905


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 MACHON, Joseph Hillary  1964Rhode Island, U.S.A. I692


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BARRETT / WOODMAN  6 Oct 1920Rhode Island, U.S.A. F1231
2 BOOTH / MACHON  14 Feb 1895Rhode Island, U.S.A. F407
3 CAMERON / STUTTARD  11 Aug 1915Rhode Island, U.S.A. F833
4 COLLINGE / GLOVER  1 Jan 1891Rhode Island, U.S.A. F1362
5 GLOVER / MACHON  23 Jun 1885Rhode Island, U.S.A. F181
6 MACHON / SONNER  9 Dec 1891Rhode Island, U.S.A. F409
7 MOORE / CURRIE  26 May 1905Rhode Island, U.S.A. F753
8 MOORE / GARSIDE  1 Nov 1899Rhode Island, U.S.A. F750
9 TUCKER / STUTTARD  10 Oct 1918Rhode Island, U.S.A. F777