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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Nova Scotia, Canada



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  Abt 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I10469
2 BAXTER, Frederick Smallwood  Abt 24 Dec 1870Nova Scotia, Canada I10077
3 BAXTER, Joseph  Abt 1837Nova Scotia, Canada I10073
4 BELL, Sophia Augusta  1853Nova Scotia, Canada I826
5 BENT, Cynthia J.  9 Jun 1895Nova Scotia, Canada I3476
6 BENT, Florence Gertrude  18 May 1893Nova Scotia, Canada I3475
7 BENT, John Henry  16 Jul 1857Nova Scotia, Canada I1091
8 BENT, Joseph D.  11 Jul 1898Nova Scotia, Canada I3477
9 BENT, Mary Elizabeth "Bessie"  7 Nov 1889Nova Scotia, Canada I3474
10 BENT, Susie  Apr 1901Nova Scotia, Canada I8365
11 BROOKS, Laura Clarke  Jul 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I2756
12 BUELL, William  1831Nova Scotia, Canada I2190
13 BYRNE, Catherine  6 Mar 1911Nova Scotia, Canada I10255
14 BYRNES, Harry  Abt 1874Nova Scotia, Canada I10091
15 CLARKE, Jennie  Sep 1857Nova Scotia, Canada I2702
16 CONSTANTINE, Catherine  20 Jan 1793Nova Scotia, Canada I7077
17 CONSTANTINE, Elizabeth  1798Nova Scotia, Canada I7080
18 CONSTANTINE, Fenwick  Abt 1864Nova Scotia, Canada I10468
19 CONSTANTINE, Horace  Abt 1870Nova Scotia, Canada I7088
20 CONSTANTINE, Leopold M.  Abt 1864Nova Scotia, Canada I7089
21 CONSTANTINE, Martha  Abt 1844Nova Scotia, Canada I10434
22 CONSTANTINE, Mary Maud  Abt 1864Nova Scotia, Canada I10467
23 CONSTANTINE, Pharez  Abt 1790Nova Scotia, Canada I10435
24 CONSTANTINE, Pharez J.  Abt 1827Nova Scotia, Canada I7079
25 CONSTANTINE, Rhoda  Abt 1797Nova Scotia, Canada I7081
26 CONSTANTINE, Tamer  Abt 1829Nova Scotia, Canada I12389
27 CONSTANTINE, William Stephen  Abt 1810Nova Scotia, Canada I5564
28 DUNN, George B.  Abt 1859Nova Scotia, Canada I10336
29 FORD, Jane  Abt 1825Nova Scotia, Canada I2185
30 GUNN, Donald  Abt 1834Nova Scotia, Canada I11286
31 GUNN, Jessie A.  Abt 6 Mar 1855Nova Scotia, Canada I11287
32 GUNNING, Hazel  Jun 1907Nova Scotia, Canada I12685
33 HERRING, Laura Mae  6 Dec 1877Nova Scotia, Canada I6246
34 LINDEN, Alfred Wesley  17 Aug 1895Nova Scotia, Canada I5538
35 LINDEN, Annie Margaret  12 Apr 1901Nova Scotia, Canada I5540
36 LINDEN, Cecil Roy  28 Oct 1891Nova Scotia, Canada I469
37 LINDEN, Hazel Jane  13 Jul 1898Nova Scotia, Canada I5539
38 LINDEN, Nellie Mabel  25 Aug 1908Nova Scotia, Canada I5537
39 LINDEN, Nettie Mae  14 Jun 1894Nova Scotia, Canada I5542
40 LINDEN, William George  1903Nova Scotia, Canada I5541
41 MACBETH, Mary Ann Zelda  10 Sep 1890Nova Scotia, Canada I1787
42 MALAY, Rebecca Thamar  Abt 1829Nova Scotia, Canada I11035
43 MANSHIP, Agnes M.  20 Dec 1890Nova Scotia, Canada I2743
44 MANSHIP, Alma T.  19 May 1898Nova Scotia, Canada I2741
45 MANSHIP, Charles A.  12 Aug 1900Nova Scotia, Canada I2748
46 MANSHIP, Courtney B.  25 Nov 1881Nova Scotia, Canada I2747
47 MCCULLUM, Hannah  Abt 1794Nova Scotia, Canada I7082
48 MCNEIL, Elizabeth  Abt 1823Nova Scotia, Canada I3166
49 MOORE, Charlotte  Abt 1876Nova Scotia, Canada I2119
50 MOSHER, Elizabeth  1774Nova Scotia, Canada I7076

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEARS, James Whitman  10 Dec 1896Nova Scotia, Canada I1431
2 BURGE, Lottie Mae  26 Nov 1986Nova Scotia, Canada I12647
3 CONSTANTINE, James  23 Dec 1828Nova Scotia, Canada I7075
4 MOSHER, Elizabeth  28 Jun 1852Nova Scotia, Canada I7076
5 MURPHY, Lena Mae  1 Mar 2005Nova Scotia, Canada I95
6 POTTER, Susan  1993Nova Scotia, Canada I1281
7 SEWELL, Jack Hodgkins  19 Jul 1988Nova Scotia, Canada I10654