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One of the main purposes of a family history website is to connect families lost to time and place. Living descendants often have fragments of memories which they dearly would like to piece together; searching for other living descendants is the best way to accomplish this. This webpage will allow visitors to this site who have family members within my database, to write a brief summation of their request for contact. Please replace the word [at] with the appropriate symbol in the email addresses on this page.


February 2015: Neil McNEILL and his wife, "Lizzie" were parents of Delia McNEILL born in 1874 in Prince Edward Island. Delia was raised by Daniel and Harriet MACHON (also known as MARCHON) in Bay City, Michigan after the death of her parents sometime before 1880. According to Delia's living descendants, Neil and Lizzie died during a trip to Michigan by way of the St. Lawrence River when the ferry they were travelling on capsized. The exact date is unknown but must have been between 1874 and 1880. Neil appeared in the Hutchinson's P.E.I. Directory, 1864, in Charlottetown as McNeill, Neil, joiner, h Grafton n Prince. If anyone can add more information regarding Neil and Lizzie McNEIL please contact Kristy through her email address: ryannkris[at]


The Georgic

S.S. Georgic

16 November 2011: Searching for passengers, or their descendants, who travelled on the S. S. Georgic that sailed from Southampton, England on 18 April 1952, and arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia seven days later on 25 May. I have the passenger list for this crossing. My purpose is simply to compile the experiences of this specific group of immigrants to Canada. Please contact me at anne[at]


Joseph Lille

Joseph Lille

Kempfner Studio

Kempfner Studio

20 October 2013: Searching for descendants of Joseph and Berthe LILLE. “My father was Anthony LILL, born Anthony LILLE, 31 October 1884, somewhere in Austria. He was the son of Joseph and Berthe LILLE. One of his siblings was Marie; there were others but I don't know how many or their names. My father left Austria as a teenager and signed on a ship, probably as a cabin boy, in order to earn money to send to his family as they were facing very hard times. He worked his way up to Captain on a dredge and had been in America many years when he met my mother, Edna Dupuy NORSWORTHY. As I remember his account of it, he was ready to sail to Austria and bring his mother and his sister to America when word reached him that they had died. On October 2, 1969 my father died in Jacksonville, Florida without ever finding any of his remaining family.”. The photograph of Joseph Lille, taken as a young man, in a Klempfner studio may give a clue to his origins. There were two locations for this studio, one in Prague and one in Teplice, both in what was once, Bohemia, and now the present day Czech republic. It is unfortunate that we have no way of knowing in which studio exactly Joseph's photo was taken, but it might at least narrow the field as a place of significance for him. If anyone has any information regarding this family and their descendants please contact Anne Brooks directly through this website.

Anthony, young boy

Anthony as a child

Anthony, young man

Anthony as a young man

Anthony Lill

Anthony Lill

Anthony LILL married Edna Dupuy NORSWORTHY. The DUPUY line is slowly giving up its secrets but there are many unidentified photos. Please select "Albums" from the options on the left of this page to see the Dupuy collection of unknown individuals.