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"Names, once they are in common use, quickly become mere sounds, their etymology being buried, like so many of the earth's marvels, beneath the dust of habit".
Salman Rushdie

 St. Hilda's Church and Marketplace,
South Shields

One of the most interesting avenues of my family history research is that of Matthew NOSWORTHY, son of Thomas NOSWORTHY and Grace PALK, who was born in Staverton, Devon. Matthew was my great great grand-uncle; he left Devon for a life on the sea, eventually marrying and settling in the county of Durham. He was, I believe, the founding father of the surname NESWORTHY and NESSWORTHY, which predominantly arises from the north of England, almost without exception.

Prior to the existence of my own website, Alan Craxford kindly invited me to place my research of this particular branch on his website; interest stemming from wife’s family. Alan created the “blue pages” on his website for this surname. During this time, we collaborated and furthered the research on this line to the extent that this surname, and its variant, NESSWORTHY, have now been registered with The Guild of One Name Studies.

The following links connect to articles on Alan Craxford's website that will add greatly to your understanding of this complex family.

FROM NORS TO NURS TO NES ALL OF WHICH ARE WORTHY by Kenneth Nesworthy. The surname NESWORTHY occurs even more rarely than NESSWORTHY. Ken shares his thoughts about this unique name and his research back to Matthew NESWORTHY who married Mary RIDLEY on 18 December 1842 in South Shields.

WOULD THE SECOND ROBERT NESSWORTHY PLEASE STAND UP!! by Anne Brooks. Family lore states that Robert Ridley NESWORTHY maintained two wives and two families. While bigamy cannot be proved without two marriage certificates, the article demonstrates proof that Robert led a complex life, dividing himself between two women, one of whom he legitimately married, and a total of 18 known children.

THE NESSWORTHY GENESIS by Alan Craxford and Anne Brooks. A discussion regarding the evolution of NESWORTHY from NOSWORTHY. At the time of writing, a baptism for Matthew had not been located, so our evidence that he originated from Staverton, Devon was circumstantial. Since then, his baptism as a son of Thomas NOSWORTHY and Grace PALK from Staverton, confirmed what we originally proposed.

THE NESSWORTHY'S AT WAR by Alan Craxford and Anne Brooks. A record of the commitment of this family to the war effort.

FOR THOSE IN PERIL ON THE SEA by Alan Craxford and Anne Brooks. An article based on the naval record of Matthew Nessworthy (1882-1916).

THE TRUTH ABOUT JAMES NESWORTHY - A STATESIDE CONNECTION? by Anne Brooks. A further example of the evolution of a surname; this one from NOSEWORTHY TO NESWORTHY originating in Newfoundland, Canada.