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1 "My Grandfather, Charles, worked for the Admiralty in the dockyard, eventually moving to Glasgow". HOCKEN, Charles Henry (I2527)
2      JENKINS, Benjamin Thomas (I5725)
3 21 December 1777 Was baptised Richard the son of John COMBE and Mary his wife. COOMBE, Richard (I12852)
4 "Being one of the early settlers here he did much toward building up the community, ever exerting an influence in favor of the right. The Methodist Episcopal Church in this place, of which he was a member from the time of its organization, owes a great deal to Father Counter. No one contributed more to the upbuilding and sustaining of that society than he. Here where he has lived for so many years he has ever been held in high esteem, as a worthy citizen and an exemplary member of the community - no one in the community whose loss would be more sincerely regretted. Up until a few weeks since, he had been in good health for one of his years, and his death was unexpected, as few outside of the immediate friends of the family knew of his sickness.

The funeral services were held Monday at the M.E. Church, Rev. George W. Wood, the pastor, preaching the sermon from Acts 13:36. The attendance at the funeral was large, said by old residents to have been the largest ever seen on an occasion of the kind in Belleville. Father Counter leaves five sons and three daughters to mourn his loss, his wife having died about two years since. The sons are: Charles who resides in Toledo, Ohio, Fred in Montana, Henry in Oberlin, Kansas, James in Wray, Colorado, and Theo in Belleville. The daughters are Mrs. J. C. HUMPHREY, Mrs. C. PERRY, and Mrs. A.W. LAWRENCE of Belleville. To the bereaved ones the sympathy of those who knew and loved their kind father are given".
CAUNTER, Charles (I4413)

Newdorf, Sask., May 10. At a ceremony performed Saturday, May 7th, at 2.30 pm., at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George E. VANDERBURGH, their youngest daughter, Florence Edythe, became the bride of John Norsworthy, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. S. CRAM, Saskatoon. Dr. John Nichol officiated. Both the bride and groom are graduates of the University of Saskatchewan.

The bride entered to the "Bridal Chorus" from "Lohengrum," played by her sister, Mrs. C. R. DOUGLAS, Indian Head. She was given in marriage by her father and was attended by her sister, Miss Margaret H. VANDERBURGH. Mr. Neville SMITH of Saskatoon, attended the groom.

The table was covered with lace cloth and centred with a three-tier wedding cake. A buffet luncheon was served to members of the immediate families after the ceremony.

The bridal couple left on a motor trip to Winnipeg and eastern points. Mr. and Mrs. CRAM will be at home to their friends after May 21st at 41 Huntington Apts., Regina.

Published in the Northern Advance, 26 May 1938. 
Family F1567
6 Baptised by J. Whitlock. BROOKS, Joseph Watson (I111)
7 Baptized in St. John Lee Church which was the parish church for Hexham, Northumberland. NIXON, Jane (I2707)
8 George, son of James and Elizabeth TRIGGS, age 1yr and 3/4, baptised 30 June 1833; father a Tailor, abode Marshall St. TRIGGS, George (I12493)
9 Gertrude was the daughter of Leendert de KONINGH and Caroline TRIGGS. DE KONINGH, Gertrude Caroline (I13331)
10 He was son of John ROBJOHNS and Ann EDWORTHY. ROBJOHNS, Samuel (I5456)
11 Henrietta T. OSBORNE died in March quarter 1921 aged 76 in Penzance district. OSBORN, Henrietta Thomasine (I3591)
12 Isabella might have married Edward FRY at Christ Church, North Shields, Northumberland on 3 May 1841. NOTT, Isabel (I7131)
13 Mary Ann LYLE, born 19 June 1883 in Winnipeg; mother Eliza NORFSWORTHY. LYLE, Mary Ann (I12900)
14 She was baptized by Richard Cotton. MACHON, Emma Jane (I373)
15 This date of birth, based on her age at the time of the 1881 census, may not be entirely accurate, as it makes her rather young to be Esther's mother. BUCHANAN, Mary (I369)
16 William S. LUTES was recorded as a fireman living at that address. LUTES, William Samuel (I3250)
17 " It is not known for certain what became of Charles, but tradition relates there is a possibility he had a family and that a son lived in Kings County, Nova Scotia. " WORKS, Charles (I3749)
18 " James BREHAUT married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas BELL of White Sands. Nine children were born to them, six of whom are living. He was a good, jolly old man and a staunch Presbyterian. He, with his family, moved to Summerside, where he died". BREHAUT, James (I355)
19 " Matthew BREHAUT .... married Ann, daughter of William BISHOP of Murray Harbour South. Their family numbered nine, two are dead. He was a very good man and his last message to the young people of the place, sent from his death-bed to a service in the Methodist Church at White Sands, was a message urging them all to give their hearts to the Lord. " BREHAUT, Matthew (I354)
20 " Samuel went to earn money in Newfoundland so he could afford a house that he wanted to build. In Newfoundland he worked as a shipbuilder. He was engaged to a woman he wanted to write to while away, but he didn't know how to read or write. A woman named Jane FORD wrote letters for him. The letters from his future wife stopped coming. Samuel ended up marrying Jane FORD. " Samuel and Jane had six children. BECK, Samuel (I845)
21 " She was reportedly the 13th and youngest child of Captain James GILLESPIE (1820-1867), an Irish immigrant from Moville, Co. Donegal who came to Hillsborough, Albert Co., in 1838, and Rosannah STEEVES (1823-1898), a great grand-daughter of Heinrich STEEVES, a German immigrant to Albert Co., via Pennsylvania and Moncton. (written by Terry GILLESPIE, Dec. 2005) GILLESPIE, Mary "Minnie" (I3255)
22 " Thomas BREHAUT, the third son, went to Mirimachi, as a young man. He married Sarah NOBLE of that place and settled there. His family numbered eight, four of whom are dead. Some of the family reside in the United States, two other sons are farmers living with their families in Douglasfield, N.B. There is also a daughter, a maiden lady. The sons are farmers" BREHAUT, Thomas Smith (I352)
23 " When her older sister, Cassie, died in 1912 leaving seven young children she filled in for a time as housekeeper at the Munns. It was probably about 1914 when she was there"

She moved to the States shortly after her time with the Munn children and took up nursing. She had plans to go to medical school to be a doctor but gave up on that somewhere along the line. She was a matron at the New England Hospital in Boston for years. "

"As the youngest surviving member of Ben BECK's family, Lille inherited the home in White Sands. The lot was part of the DERBY farm and they had first right of refusal in case of a sale. Lille sold the property to them, and in 1997 there was no evidence that the Beck home had ever stood there" 
BECK, Lillian Sarah (I863)
24 " Will was married to Norah and again there were no children. They lived in Downderry, Seaton in Cornwall, in a wooden bungalow built into the side of a hill and had trained the birds to come into the house for food". HOCKEN, William Julian (I3296)
25 "After the closure of the iron mines at Londonderry, there was no market for the charcoal that David and his brother William had been producing. David decided he would try for employment in New Brunswick, and set off on foot for Saint John and was never heard from again." WORKS, David (I3755)
26 "After their marriage they lived at Graceville for two years and then in Minneapolis for a few months before going to North Dakota, where they have since resided at various times at Litchville, Kensal, Carrington, Monango, Valley City, Mayville, Lucerne, Minnesota, Grand Forks, and Wahpeton". Family F2287
27 "Alena", daughter of Robert ROWNTREE and Jane. [The transcription of the name may be incorrect.] ROWNTREE, Alma (I6029)
28 "All baptismal names were French, and in Guernsey this appears to have been a French-speaking family, though they may well have been bilingual. ( Elizabeth WINDSOR's aunt, Mary WINDSOR, and sister, Jeanne WINDSOR, both married Englishmen, as did Jean LELACHEUR's sister, Marie. They all continued to live in St. Peter Port. All the names appear to have been immediately anglicized once they came to P.E.I. Jean became John, (in many records, John, Sr.,), his son, Jean Windsor, became John the Younger; Henriette became Harriet; Elizee became Elisha; and Barthelemi became Bartholomew." LELACHEUR, Jean (I699)
29 "Almost everyone in Preston Village was very poor as it was in the days of the depression. My father had no work for years. He was a shipyard driller by trade who used to go down to the gates of the shipyards near the ferry to wait for work. Things did change and there was plenty of work leading up to the war in 1939 and during the war". (written by Dorothy SIMPSON, 2006) NESSWORTHY, James William (I4583)
30 "As she was preparing for bed on the night of July 2, 1935, she collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack." BECK, Ada Margaret (I857)
31 "By 1871 William Farley had moved across the street to the Barracks from where, at 68 years of age, he was working as a town carter. William's wife, Eliza, his nephew and his grandson were living with him". Family F163
32 "Catherine BLUE to Angus J. MACLEAN, both of Little Sands, on September 3, 1884 at Manse in Charlottetown by Rev. J. M. MacLeod". Family F958
33 "Died in R.? accident". HENDRY, George Sommerville (I3569)
34 "Died: At Quincy, Mass., David WORKS who was killed near the Quincy Adams station. He was the son of William and Mercy WORKS of Westchester. Besides his father, he leaves 8 brothers and 4 sisters - James, Nathan, William, John, Isaac, Eben, Leander, & Charles; and Mrs. Thomas ADAMS, Mrs. Chas. ARMSTRONG, Mrs James LITTLE and Mrs. Thomas MCLEAN. " (Truro Daily News, 24 Aug. 1906). WORKS, David (I3735)
35 "Dora and Norm worked in the early years for a casket company in Toronto on Dupont St. They married and when the company moved to Alliston they also moved. While in Alliston, their son was born. Soon after that they returned to the Scarlett Plains (Toronto) outskirts. Dora passed away Jan/2000". YELLAND, Dora Kathleen (I504)
36 "Elizabeth BREHAUT was married to James LAIRD of Vernon River. She had one daughter who became the wife of David CRICHTON (before mentioned on this paper). The daughter died, leaving four little children to her mother's care She lived with them until her death". BREHAUT, Elizabeth (I353)
37 "Elizabeth was the second daughter of Thomas MARFLEET and his wife, Emma FOSTER who married 14 March 1784. Elizabeth was one of a family of seven children, three girls who were the oldest, and four boys. " MARFLEET, Elizabeth Sarah (I368)
38 "Francis, who evidently had a cleft palate, was initially thought to be backwards; I believe he went into a home when he was young. However, it appears that it was realized that his deformity was not really a handicap and he took on active work later in life". BASS, Francis Winspear (I4811)
39 "Fred Carter TRACY, son of Carter and Louise Jacques TRACY, was in 1868, at Rochester, Illinois. He married to Margaret Aronia (Ora) THOMAS, on May 19, 1895, in Beaver and died October 7, 1953, at Oklahoma City. To this union were born two daughters, Helen Louise and Mary Eleanor.

With the coming of Territorial Government, in 1890, Mr. TRACY's father moved to Beaver and started a hardware store. Fred joined him in Beaver in 1892, taking the office of town clerk and clerk of the townsite board. During the following year he was appointed postmaster and established a drug store which was subsequently enlarged to a general drygoods store. Fred had studied law and pharmacy under his father, who was a lawyer and pharmacist, and he passed the pharmacy and bar examinations and became one of the first registered pharmacists and members of the Bar of Oklahoma.

Fred was always ready to try anything new and was the owner of the following firsts in Beaver: first bicycle, 1893; first typewriter (Blixenderfer), 1894; first adding machine, 1899; first gravity flow gas mantle lamp, 1899; first pressure gasoline lamp, 1899; first hollow wire lighting system, 1900; second automobile (first four-cylinder), 1908; second six-cylinder car, 1916, and the first eight cylinder car, 1927". 
TRACY, Frederick Carter (I8221)
40 "George Allen JECKELL (July 25, 1880 - May 30, 1950; ) was an educator, civil servant and political figure in the Yukon, Canada. He served as Yukon Comptroller/Controller from 1932 to 1946 and was accordingly the highest ranked government official in the territory.

He was born in Exeter, Ontario, the son of William JECKELL and Essy CASE, and was educated in Exeter, Goderich and at normal schools in the Northwest Territories and Yukon. In 1933, he married his second wife, Anna Theresa BOYLE. JECKELL was a teacher in Dawson and become a revenue inspector for the Department of National Revenue in 1928. He was a prominent freemason". Canadian Who's Who, 1938-1939. Trans-Canada Press. 1939. 
JECKELL, George Allen (I8098)
41 "George lived into his 90s, latterly in a fisherman's cottage in Shaldon, Devon. I think he may have had 2 children, though my memory is hazy. The son had no children, so there was some consternation that there was no-one to carry on the Hocken name". HOCKEN, George Trevin (I2529)
42 "Grant Norsworthy went to Sanderson, Butler and Ebor schools and helped on the family farm until 1939 when at the age of 22 he went afield to seek fame and fortune. After a few weeks in Chicago on a motor course he took a job at Wawa, Ontario in the iron mines as a machine operator. While there he met and married Sadie McKinnon of Thessalon, Ontario. After discharge from the army in 1946 Grant went to work at Marathon Paper Mill. In 1955 they moved to Virden. Grant and Sadie retired from the shop in 1979." NORSWORTHY, Walter Russel Grant "Grant" (I5769)
43 "Hannah DAVIES married Edwin MCGUIRE on 29 October 1877. She was 19 years old at the time and he was 26. The marriage certificate states that Edwin was a Mining Engineer by profession. His stated residence was Broncoed, Mold. His father was a Colliery Manager. The certificate states that Hannah's father was a Corn Merchant. The marriage took place in Mold. The Rites and Ceremonies - Calvinistic Methodists".  Family F996
44 "Harry James left Yale University to enter the United States Naval Air Force in World War 11. He was given a commission as lieutenant and served in the South Pacific, where his plane was lost in action as he died in the service of his country". COOMBE, Harry James (I9188)
45 "He died at age 22, and is buried in Block 7, Lot 35, Space 207. Cause of death was attributed to a gunshot wound in head, self-inflicted. Macy Funeral Home was the mortuary, which is still in existence today as Allnutt Funeral Service, Macy Chapel. Ray has an upright, rather tall granite marker inscribed: Ray Herring, 1891 -1914". (Burial records) HERRING, Raymond Douglas "Ray" (I873)
46 "He farmed with his father in DeSable, Lot 29, until after 1868. Then he leased the farm in Brae, Lot 9, previously occupied by Wm. Moreshead, from Charlotte A. Sullivan, the proprietress. He later purchased the property, possibly after the Canadian government action took control of the P.E.I. lands from the original London landowners and their heirs, in 1875. The farm was 90 acres on the west bank of the Brae River, and he also had 38 acres behind the farms of his neighbours. He was a prosperous farmer. The barn he built still stands today. He was Postmaster in Brae. Both buried in Church of Scotland Cemetery, Milo, Lot 9, P.E.I.. Their 8 children were Duncan, Isabel, Colin, Angus, Mary, Margaret, Flora, and John. Angus inherited the farm". (Angus W. Beck) CAMPBELL, Archibald (I3211)
47 "He was a very successful Mourning/ Linen Draper in York and must have built up quite a fortune as he retired from business, aged 53 to Scarborough. Before then he had been a philanthropist in York and laid several Foundation Stones - one at the Salvation Army Citadel (with General Booth) and another at a local chapel. So rumour has it, when he retired he put most of his fortune into a ship and this turned out to be disastrous as the captain steered a bad course and the ship foundered and was lost. Joseph then had to return to York to start up in business again, in a smaller way, but still in the main street of York - Parliament Street. My grandmother, his daughter met my grandfather Edward Penty at the shop, where Edward was apprenticed as a Draper. Before marrying, my grandmother became an officer in the Salvation Army - she must have been inspired by General Booth, [William Booth and his wife, Catherine were responsible for establishing the Salvation Army] who it is said stayed with Joseph whenever he visited York. Joseph himself was a lay preacher and had strict and staunch principles." BASS, Joseph (I4804)
48 "Henry Brehaut died in 1848, aged 81, his wife in 1864, aged 96 years. They were laid to rest in the English Church cemetery, but their descendants thought it best to remove them, and place them and a monument where most of their relatives are buried". Buried in Murray Harbour South Cemetery with wife, Elizabeth PULLAM, plot E 194. BREHAUT, Henry Matthew (I343)
49 "Henry James, son of John and Frances BROOKS of Murray Harbour, was born 11 May 1829, and baptized the 13 September 1829, by me, Matthew Richey." BROOKS, Henry James (I191)
50 "Her funeral was one of the largest in Caledonia. A funeral service in the Presbyterian church, followed by interment at the White Chapel Cemetery in Ancaster, Ontario". SHARP, Emma Elbertha (I4367)

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