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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Devonport, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Grace  Abt 1846Devonport, Devon, England I8531
2 ALLEN, Edward  10 Oct 1801Devonport, Devon, England I12608
3 ANDERSON, Emily Eliza  25 Sep 1857Devonport, Devon, England I7728
4 ANDERSON, John George  1850Devonport, Devon, England I7725
5 ARSCOTT, Thomas  1862Devonport, Devon, England I11694
6 ARSCOTT, Willliam Samuel  1860Devonport, Devon, England I11693
7 BABB, Catherine  Abt 1852Devonport, Devon, England I12496
8 BABBAGE, Thomas  Abt 1843Devonport, Devon, England I8110
9 BAZLEY, Albert Walter  Abt 1894Devonport, Devon, England I6137
10 BAZLEY, Charles George  27 May 1841Devonport, Devon, England I6132
11 BAZLEY, Harriet Amelia  Abt 1884Devonport, Devon, England I6136
12 BAZLEY, Ivy Gwendoline May  Abt 1902Devonport, Devon, England I10913
13 BAZLEY, Louisa Minnie Harriet  19 Dec 1880Devonport, Devon, England I6135
14 BAZLEY, M. Elizabeth Martin  Abt 1901Devonport, Devon, England I10912
15 BAZLEY, Olive Annie Emily  31 Dec 1903Devonport, Devon, England I10914
16 BAZLEY, Richard Henry  1908Devonport, Devon, England I10916
17 BAZLEY, Samuel Wilfred Ernest James  24 Jan 1906Devonport, Devon, England I10915
18 BEER, Mabel  1890Devonport, Devon, England I11667
19 BEER, Renee  Abt 1892Devonport, Devon, England I11668
20 BEER, William J.  Abt 1887Devonport, Devon, England I11666
21 BENNEWORTH, Cecil A.  1916Devonport, Devon, England I13472
22 BOSANQUET, Beatrice Adeline Nellie  Abt 1883Devonport, Devon, England I3992
23 BROWNING, Archibald Sydney  Abt 1907Devonport, Devon, England I12897
24 BROWNING, Charles Thomas  Abt 1906Devonport, Devon, England I12896
25 BROWNING, Henry James  Abt 1904Devonport, Devon, England I12895
26 BROWNING, Nellie Josepha  Abt 1898Devonport, Devon, England I12894
27 BUCKLAND, Ellen Charlotte Janette  20 Mar 1833Devonport, Devon, England I13171
28 BUCKLAND, Sophia Sarah  Abt 1825Devonport, Devon, England I13170
29 BURT, Arthur George  1877Devonport, Devon, England I3315
30 BURT, Benjamin Robert  Abt 1831Devonport, Devon, England I3404
31 BURT, Edwin Harold  1872Devonport, Devon, England I3313
32 BURT, Emmaline Marian  1875Devonport, Devon, England I3314
33 BURT, Frederick James  1868Devonport, Devon, England I3400
34 BURT, John  1838Devonport, Devon, England I3307
35 BURT, John  1868Devonport, Devon, England I3312
36 BURT, Mabel Emmaline  4 Feb 1896Devonport, Devon, England I3318
37 BURT, Mabel May  1880Devonport, Devon, England I3317
38 BURT, Percy John  Abt 1889Devonport, Devon, England I10373
39 BURT, Sidney James  1879Devonport, Devon, England I3316
40 BURT, William  9 Aug 1832Devonport, Devon, England I3405
41 CANHAM, Amelia Edna  30 Mar 1909Devonport, Devon, England I10540
42 CARLINE, Ellen  13 Aug 1852Devonport, Devon, England I4609
43 CARLINE, Emma  Abt 1816Devonport, Devon, England I512
44 CARLINE, Fanny Maude  29 Sep 1865Devonport, Devon, England I6359
45 CARLINE, Henry  1 Jul 1857Devonport, Devon, England I4513
46 CARLINE, Jane  18 Feb 1851Devonport, Devon, England I4608
47 CARLINE, Joseph Sydney  16 Oct 1865Devonport, Devon, England I4514
48 CARLINE, Mary Louisa  3 Apr 1849Devonport, Devon, England I4607
49 CARLINE, Samuel John  3 Sep 1833Devonport, Devon, England I4823
50 CARLINE, William Frederick  Abt 1822Devonport, Devon, England I3679

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, Emily Eliza  31 Dec 1857Devonport, Devon, England I7728
2 BAZLEY, Samuel James  12 Feb 1885Devonport, Devon, England I6134
3 BAZLEY, Samuel Wilfred Ernest James  1 Mar 1906Devonport, Devon, England I10915
4 CROWTHER, Reginald John Facey  15 Apr 1880Devonport, Devon, England I7531
5 DAVEY, Albert Edward  22 Aug 1886Devonport, Devon, England I13230
6 DAVEY, Bertram Ronald  20 Oct 1910Devonport, Devon, England I13165
7 DAVEY, Florence Elizabeth  22 Aug 1886Devonport, Devon, England I13231
8 DAVEY, John Adams  15 Dec 1833Devonport, Devon, England I11303
9 DAVY, Frederick Henry Fouracre  2 Mar 1879Devonport, Devon, England I12566
10 DAVY, Joseph Fouracre  2 Mar 1879Devonport, Devon, England I8766
11 DAVY, Louisa Fouracre  23 Nov 1876Devonport, Devon, England I8765
12 DOVE, Andrew Steel  21 Aug 1833Devonport, Devon, England I6098
13 DOVE, Eleanor Thompson  14 Mar 1830Devonport, Devon, England I6096
14 DOVE, George  20 Aug 1833Devonport, Devon, England I6097
15 EVANS, Clara Louisa  1 Nov 1883Devonport, Devon, England I13299
16 FOURACRE, Ellen  3 Nov 1881Devonport, Devon, England I8768
17 FOURACRE, Jane  17 Oct 1880Devonport, Devon, England I12567
18 FRENCH, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1829Devonport, Devon, England I2854
19 FRENCH, Harriott  27 Dec 1830Devonport, Devon, England I13458
20 HORSWILL, Elizabeth Susannah  22 Mar 1865Devonport, Devon, England I54
21 HORSWILL, Ernest  16 Aug 1885Devonport, Devon, England I464
22 TRIGGS, Mary Susannah  30 Apr 1850Devonport, Devon, England I7726
23 UNDERHILL, Selina Anne  27 Jul 1862Devonport, Devon, England I4839
24 WRIGHT, Edith Louisa Minnie  4 Apr 1878Devonport, Devon, England I3378
25 YELLAND, John William Henry St. Keverne  1 May 1863Devonport, Devon, England I33
26 YELLAND, Louisa Elizabeth  1 May 1863Devonport, Devon, England I3302


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Susanna  1920Devonport, Devon, England I2530
2 BAZLEY, Charles George  Abt 1913Devonport, Devon, England I6132
3 BROWNING, William Charles  1909Devonport, Devon, England I12892
4 BURT, Emmaline Marian  Abt 1911Devonport, Devon, England I3314
5 BURT, John  4 May 1924Devonport, Devon, England I3307
6 CARLINE, Emma  15 Apr 1881Devonport, Devon, England I512
7 CARLINE, Helen  4 Mar 1925Devonport, Devon, England I10987
8 CARLINE, Mary Louisa  29 Dec 1929Devonport, Devon, England I4607
9 CARLINE, William Frederick John  23 May 1909Devonport, Devon, England I4610
10 CARLINE, William Henry  1900Devonport, Devon, England I4619
11 COOMBES, Joseph John Cornelius  28 Apr 1900Devonport, Devon, England I3355
12 DAVEY, Edward John  11 Dec 1902Devonport, Devon, England I13228
13 FASHAM, William  Abt 1917Devonport, Devon, England I2472
14 FOURACRE, Ernest George  1909Devonport, Devon, England I8771
15 FOURACRE, Joseph  1907Devonport, Devon, England I6298
16 FURZE, Arthur Leonard  1923Devonport, Devon, England I11194
17 HOCKEN, William John  Abt 1926Devonport, Devon, England I2294
18 HOSKIN, Charles Joseph  1901Devonport, Devon, England I12843
19 LITTLETON, Emmaline Maria  Abt 1925Devonport, Devon, England I3308
20 LOWDEN, Edmund Glanville  1908Devonport, Devon, England I11199
21 LOWDEN, Edmund Glanville  1934Devonport, Devon, England I11198
22 LOWDEN, Rita Eileen Mary  2 Nov 1996Devonport, Devon, England I11202
23 PASSMORE, Doris  7 Mar 1941Devonport, Devon, England I6317
24 RALPH, Mary  Abt 1901Devonport, Devon, England I10982
25 SCANTLEBURY, Emma  1915Devonport, Devon, England I13284
26 STEERE, Emily May  18 Dec 1930Devonport, Devon, England I9798
27 STEVENS, Frederick William  12 Apr 1922Devonport, Devon, England I12381
28 TRIGGS, George Prowse  Abt 1910Devonport, Devon, England I7720
29 TRIGGS, John  Bef 1 Nov 1874Devonport, Devon, England I7738
30 UNDERHILL, Thomas Samuel Hancock  1902Devonport, Devon, England I4822
31 WADLIN, Mary Ann  Mar 1849Devonport, Devon, England I2310
32 WADLING, John  11 Apr 1854Devonport, Devon, England I2304
33 WRIGHT, John Richard Bowden  Abt 1903Devonport, Devon, England I3376
34 YELLAND, Harriet  3 May 1858Devonport, Devon, England I5756
35 YELLAND, John  6 May 1858Devonport, Devon, England I5771
36 YELLAND, John William  13 Aug 1867Devonport, Devon, England I3357
37 YELLAND, Mary  Abt 1910Devonport, Devon, England I3364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 CARLINE, Jane  1871Devonport, Devon, England I4608
2 CROWTHER, Thomas  1876Devonport, Devon, England I6126
3 HENWOOD, Ann  1876Devonport, Devon, England I7650

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 HORSWILL, Frederick  1895Devonport, Devon, England I59
2 UNDERHILL, Thomas Henry "Harry"  1914-1915Devonport, Devon, England I4844


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 CARLINE, Florence Elizabeth  1899Devonport, Devon, England I6299
2 COOMBES, John Cornelius  1879Devonport, Devon, England I3353
3 COOMBES, Louisa Mary Ann  1879Devonport, Devon, England I3354
4 COOMBES, Louisa Mary Ann  1909Devonport, Devon, England I3354
5 CUNDY, Isabella  1870Devonport, Devon, England I12194
6 DAVEY, Elizabeth Ann  1867Devonport, Devon, England I11306
7 DAVEY, Henry James Adams  1868Devonport, Devon, England I3366
8 DAVEY, Henry James Adams  1902Devonport, Devon, England I3366
9 DAVEY, Reginald James Stanley  1902Devonport, Devon, England I3371
10 HORSWILL, Elizabeth Ann  1879Devonport, Devon, England I47
11 RICKARD, William  1890Devonport, Devon, England I268
12 UNDERHILL, Thomas Samuel Hancock  1879Devonport, Devon, England I4822
13 YELLAND, Mary  1868Devonport, Devon, England I3364
14 YELLAND, William Henry  1868Devonport, Devon, England I85


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ARTHUR / YELLAND  13 Oct 1868Devonport, Devon, England F1818
2 BENNEWORTH / HORSWILL  1916Devonport, Devon, England F3510
3 CAREY / FOURACRE  14 Apr 1906Devonport, Devon, England F3258
4 CARLINE / HEAN  19 Mar 1899Devonport, Devon, England F1623
5 CARLINE / HILL  16 Dec 1877Devonport, Devon, England F1622
6 COLLINS / HARRIS  1900Devonport, Devon, England F3199
7 CROWTHER / COOMBES  13 Jun 1879Devonport, Devon, England F1572
8 DAVEY / HILL  10 Sep 1867Devonport, Devon, England F3451
9 FOURACRE / CASTERTON  18 Sep 1907Devonport, Devon, England F2195
10 FUGLER / DAVEY  25 Dec 1902Devonport, Devon, England F1379
11 GENT / BROOKING  7 Sep 1864Devonport, Devon, England F2127
12 HEWLETT / WRIGHT  1909Devonport, Devon, England F2691
13 HILLAM / HUTCHINGS  1905Devonport, Devon, England F2742
14 HOCKEN / WHITEHEAD  12 Aug 1905Devonport, Devon, England F2972
15 HORSWILL / BARRETT  1928Devonport, Devon, England F3463
16 LANGMAN / JENKINS  1931Devonport, Devon, England F2826
17 MATTHEWS / RICKARD  2 Mar 1870Devonport, Devon, England F3616
18 NORRIS / CARLINE  21 Sep 1907Devonport, Devon, England F1625
19 NORRIS / PASSMORE  29 May 1936Devonport, Devon, England F1629
20 RICKARD / LANDER  27 Feb 1901Devonport, Devon, England F2893
21 SCANTLEBURY / SCANTLEBURY  27 May 1866Devonport, Devon, England F3462
22 SMITHAM / YELLAND  14 Apr 1862Devonport, Devon, England F1577
23 SUGRUE / RICKARD  13 Aug 1899Devonport, Devon, England F2084
24 UNDERHILL / UNDERHILL  22 Apr 1879Devonport, Devon, England F1311
25 WADLIN / FOALE  1 Feb 1841Devonport, Devon, England F751
26 WATERS / BAILEY  20 Jun 1931Devonport, Devon, England F3158
27 WATKINS / UNDERHILL  22 Mar 1886Devonport, Devon, England F468


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   Family    Address    Family ID 
1 BUCKLAND / BROWN  1827Devonport, Devon, England F3422
2 BURT / WILLIAMS  1831Devonport, Devon, England F977
3 HOYLE / RICKARD  1825Devonport, Devon, England F1060


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   Family    Witness    Family ID 
1 EVANS / SCANTLEBURY  1866Devonport, Devon, England F3457

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