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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Bradninch, Devon, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Emily  Abt 1857Bradninch, Devon, England I3299
2 BAKER, Jane  Abt 1848Bradninch, Devon, England I2911
3 CONNETT, Laura Jane  Abt 1861Bradninch, Devon, England I2915
4 IRELAND, Alfred  1842Bradninch, Devon, England I6740
5 IRELAND, Celia  Abt 1850Bradninch, Devon, England I6742
6 IRELAND, Elizabeth  Bef 24 Mar 1822Bradninch, Devon, England I4044
7 IRELAND, Emma  Abt 1841Bradninch, Devon, England I6739
8 IRELAND, James  Abt 1814Bradninch, Devon, England I4046
9 IRELAND, Jane  Bef 25 Jun 1826Bradninch, Devon, England I1982
10 IRELAND, Louisa  Abt 1849Bradninch, Devon, England I6741
11 IRELAND, Thomas  25 Feb 1792Bradninch, Devon, England I3389
12 LAKE, Alfred  Abt 1855Bradninch, Devon, England I2908
13 LAKE, Alice  Abt 1862Bradninch, Devon, England I2910
14 LAKE, Elizabeth  Abt 1845Bradninch, Devon, England I2902
15 LAKE, Ellen  Abt 1859Bradninch, Devon, England I2906
16 LAKE, Ellen  Abt 1889Bradninch, Devon, England I2914
17 LAKE, Francis John  1848Bradninch, Devon, England I2903
18 LAKE, John  Bef 3 Apr 1825Bradninch, Devon, England I2859
19 LAKE, John  Abt 1869Bradninch, Devon, England I2912
20 LAKE, Lucy  1851Bradninch, Devon, England I2907
21 LAKE, Mary  Abt 1815Bradninch, Devon, England I2857
22 LAKE, Mary Ann S.  23 Jun 1842Bradninch, Devon, England I2901
23 LAKE, Minna Lois  1885Bradninch, Devon, England I3300
24 LAKE, Sally  Bef 20 Apr 1817Bradninch, Devon, England I2858
25 LAKE, Thomas  Abt 1781Bradninch, Devon, England I2852
26 LAKE, Thomas  1856Bradninch, Devon, England I2905
27 LAKE, William  Bef 2 Feb 1823Bradninch, Devon, England I1896
28 LAKE, William  Abt 1859Bradninch, Devon, England I2909
29 PRATT, Jenny "Jane"  Abt 1796Bradninch, Devon, England I638
30 ROWE, Edith May  Abt 1888Bradninch, Devon, England I10775
31 SANGER, Albert  7 Mar 1884Bradninch, Devon, England I8895
32 SANGER, Elizabeth  Abt 1871Bradninch, Devon, England I8892
33 SANGER, George Henry  1867Bradninch, Devon, England I8891
34 SANGER, Laura  1874Bradninch, Devon, England I8893
35 SANGER, William  1880Bradninch, Devon, England I8894
36 TUCKER, Charlotte Sophie  20 Jun 1856Bradninch, Devon, England I6737
37 TUCKER, Emily Jane  Abt 1855Bradninch, Devon, England I6736
38 TUCKER, Lucy Ida  Abt 1858Bradninch, Devon, England I6738
39 TUCKER, Olivia Oldridge  1863Bradninch, Devon, England I13201


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 IRELAND, Ann  6 Jun 1797Bradninch, Devon, England I8833
2 IRELAND, Ann  6 Feb 1820Bradninch, Devon, England I13207
3 IRELAND, Elizabeth  28 Dec 1794Bradninch, Devon, England I8832
4 IRELAND, Elizabeth  14 Jun 1802Bradninch, Devon, England I8835
5 IRELAND, Elizabeth  24 Mar 1822Bradninch, Devon, England I4044
6 IRELAND, James  15 Feb 1790Bradninch, Devon, England I8831
7 IRELAND, James  7 Aug 1814Bradninch, Devon, England I4046
8 IRELAND, Jane  25 Jun 1826Bradninch, Devon, England I1982
9 IRELAND, John  21 Jan 1786Bradninch, Devon, England I8829
10 IRELAND, Mary  3 Feb 1788Bradninch, Devon, England I8830
11 IRELAND, Mary  4 May 1813Bradninch, Devon, England I13205
12 IRELAND, Mary  11 Aug 1817Bradninch, Devon, England I13204
13 IRELAND, Sarah Denning  21 Mar 1816Bradninch, Devon, England I13206
14 IRELAND, Thomas  6 Mar 1792Bradninch, Devon, England I3389
15 IRELAND, William  29 Sep 1799Bradninch, Devon, England I8834
16 LAKE, Eliza  14 Jan 1821Bradninch, Devon, England I13457
17 LAKE, John  3 Apr 1825Bradninch, Devon, England I2859
18 LAKE, Mary  16 Jul 1815Bradninch, Devon, England I2857
19 LAKE, Sally  20 Apr 1817Bradninch, Devon, England I2858
20 LAKE, Sally  17 Jan 1819Bradninch, Devon, England I13456
21 LAKE, William  2 Feb 1823Bradninch, Devon, England I1896


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAR, Ann  1852Bradninch, Devon, England I2853
2 LAKE, Thomas  1853Bradninch, Devon, England I2852
3 LONG, Leonard James Cousins  10 Jul 1893Bradninch, Devon, England I13189
4 PRATT, Jenny "Jane"  6 Dec 1852Bradninch, Devon, England I638


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BEAR, Ann  3 Dec 1852Bradninch, Devon, England I2853
2 DENNING, Elizabeth  7 Apr 1828Bradninch, Devon, England I4045
3 IRELAND, Elizabeth  18 Aug 1797Bradninch, Devon, England I8832
4 IRELAND, Mary  8 May 1813Bradninch, Devon, England I13205
5 IRELAND, Thomas  3 Jun 1859Bradninch, Devon, England I3389
6 LAKE, Mary Ann S.  10 Dec 1913Bradninch, Devon, England I2901
7 LAKE, Thomas  13 Feb 1853Bradninch, Devon, England I2852
8 LAKE, Thomas  8 Jan 1871Bradninch, Devon, England I2855
9 PRATT, Jenny "Jane"  11 Dec 1852Bradninch, Devon, England I638
10 SANGER, Albert  Aft 28 Jul 1905Bradninch, Devon, England I8895
11 SANGER, William  27 Feb 1915Bradninch, Devon, England I8890


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 IRELAND, Thomas  1857Bradninch, Devon, England I3389
2 ROWE, Edith May  1891Bradninch, Devon, England I10775


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Witness    Person ID 
1 DERRICK, Frederick  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8896
2 DERRICK, Frederick William  1915Bradninch, Devon, England I8897
3 KENSHOLE, Gladys May  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8957
4 KENSHOLE, Gladys May  1915Bradninch, Devon, England I8957
5 KENSHOLE, James  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8954
6 KENSHOLE, Leonard James  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8955
7 LAKE, Lucy  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I2907
8 LAKE, Lucy  1915Bradninch, Devon, England I2907
9 LAKE, William  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I2909
10 PERRY, Annie Maria  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8951
11 SANGER, George Henry  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8891
12 SANGER, William  1913Bradninch, Devon, England I8890


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 IRELAND / DENNING  4 Feb 1813Bradninch, Devon, England F1155
2 IRELAND / PRATT  31 Oct 1837Bradninch, Devon, England F999
3 IRELAND / SALTER  1 Mar 1840Bradninch, Devon, England F1157
4 IRELAND / SMITH  27 Mar 1786Bradninch, Devon, England F1156
5 LAKE / IRELAND  3 May 1849Bradninch, Devon, England F603
6 LAKE / SALTER  13 Sep 1841Bradninch, Devon, England F842
7 PARNALL / TUCKER  1881Bradninch, Devon, England F1745
8 SELLICK / IRELAND  14 Apr 1857Bradninch, Devon, England F3432


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   Family    Address    Family ID 
1 IRELAND / PRATT  1851Bradninch, Devon, England F999
2 LAKE / SMITH  1881Bradninch, Devon, England F854


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Witness    Family ID 
1 SANGER / PERRY  1915Bradninch, Devon, England F2236

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