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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Northumberland, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1812Northumberland, England I6119
2 ADDISON, John Reed  18 Jun 1804Northumberland, England I6831
3 COULSON, Elizabeth  Abt 1773Northumberland, England I6095
4 JOHNSON, Alice  Abt 1771Northumberland, England I7125
5 NESSWORTHY, Albert Edward  25 Mar 1936Northumberland, England I6328
6 NESSWORTHY, Alexina  1926Northumberland, England I6293
7 NESSWORTHY, Brenda  1939Northumberland, England I5685
8 NESSWORTHY, Charles P.  1911Northumberland, England I6753
9 NESSWORTHY, David  Abt 1919Northumberland, England I5665
10 NESSWORTHY, David Gavin  Abt 1908Northumberland, England I4582
11 NESSWORTHY, Doris  1929Northumberland, England I6783
12 NESSWORTHY, George  1945Northumberland, England I5693
13 NESSWORTHY, George Robert Robson  15 Aug 1902Northumberland, England I4777
14 NESSWORTHY, George William  12 Jul 1911Northumberland, England I5687
15 NESSWORTHY, James  1922Northumberland, England I5664
16 NESSWORTHY, John S.  1928Northumberland, England I6325
17 NESSWORTHY, John William  16 Sep 1916Northumberland, England I5453
18 NESSWORTHY, Lilian  1917Northumberland, England I4778
19 NESSWORTHY, Olive  1922Northumberland, England I5689
20 NESSWORTHY, Phoebe Tarreut H.  15 Mar 1914Northumberland, England I6754
21 NESSWORTHY, Robert  4 Mar 1930Northumberland, England I6745
22 NESSWORTHY, Thomas  1924Northumberland, England I6784
23 NESSWORTHY, Violet  Abt 1925Northumberland, England I5690
24 NESSWORTHY, William  Abt 1914Northumberland, England I6751
25 NESWORTHY, Joan Lennie  1889Northumberland, England I6759
26 NESWORTHY, Linda  Abt 1964Northumberland, England I6760
27 NESWORTHY, Susannah  25 Aug 1885Northumberland, England I3745
28 NOTT, Elizabeth  23 Jun 1809Northumberland, England I7126
29 NOTT, Isabel  Abt 1818Northumberland, England I7131
30 NOTT, Mary  26 Aug 1810Northumberland, England I7127
31 NOTT, Mary Ann  Abt 1818Northumberland, England I7129
32 NOTT, Sarah  Abt 1816Northumberland, England I7128
33 ROBSON, William  Abt 1771Northumberland, England I6094
34 SMITH, Elizabeth Harvey  Abt 1900Northumberland, England I5688
35 WATSON, George  Abt 1893Northumberland, England I6953
36 WATSON, Violet  Abt 1900Northumberland, England I6954
37 WILE, Ann  1 Nov 1807Northumberland, England I6100
38 WILE, Frances  Abt 1831Northumberland, England I6087
39 WILE, Hannah  Abt 1833Northumberland, England I6088
40 WILE, Isabella  Abt 1839Northumberland, England I6090
41 WILE, Isabelle  Abt 1890Northumberland, England I5266
42 WILE, Jane  Abt 1836Northumberland, England I6089
43 WILE, Jane  Abt 1837Northumberland, England I6120
44 WILE, John Johnson  18 Jan 1804Northumberland, England I6084
45 WILE, Lizzie J.  Abt 1888Northumberland, England I5265
46 WILE, Ralph  Abt 1839Northumberland, England I6121
47 WILE, William  Abt 1812Northumberland, England I6099
48 WILE, William  Abt 1826Northumberland, England I6086


Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDISON, Stephen Nott  1902Northumberland, England I6825
2 GAVIN, Ursula Whilhelmina  1958Northumberland, England I4579
3 HAYWOOD, Ellen McKell Grant Sutherland  Abt 1940Northumberland, England I6787
4 LENNIE, Joan  29 Mar 1889Northumberland, England I6758
5 LINGHAM, Alice L.  1932Northumberland, England I6257
6 NESSWORTHY, Brenda  1940Northumberland, England I5685
7 NESSWORTHY, Charles  1950Northumberland, England I5178
8 NESSWORTHY, David Gavin  1963Northumberland, England I4582
9 NESSWORTHY, George  Jun 1945Northumberland, England I5693
10 NESSWORTHY, George Robert Robson  6 Oct 1945Northumberland, England I4777
11 NESSWORTHY, James William  13 Mar 1981Northumberland, England I4779
12 NESSWORTHY, John S.  Abt 1931Northumberland, England I6325
13 NESSWORTHY, Michael  26 Jan 1998Northumberland, England I6749
14 NESSWORTHY, Robert  4 Apr 1912Northumberland, England I4780
15 NESSWORTHY, Robert  1971Northumberland, England I6806
16 NESSWORTHY, Robert  Mar 1997Northumberland, England I6745
17 NESSWORTHY, Thomas Matthew  Abt 1970Northumberland, England I5290
18 NESSWORTHY, Thomas Weightman  1939Northumberland, England I5176
19 NESSWORTHY, Violet  1925Northumberland, England I5690
20 NESSWORTHY, William  1914Northumberland, England I6751
21 NESWORTHY, Albert Edward  Abt 1971Northumberland, England I6326
22 NESWORTHY, Charles Piper  1955Northumberland, England I4380
23 NESWORTHY, Frederick  1950Northumberland, England I4105
24 NESWORTHY, Joan Lennie  1889Northumberland, England I6759
25 NESWORTHY, Linda  Abt 1964Northumberland, England I6760
26 NESWORTHY, Margaret Ann  1887Northumberland, England I6750
27 NESWORTHY, Susannah  1885Northumberland, England I3745
28 NOTT, Alice  1891Northumberland, England I6823
29 NOTT, Mary  17 Mar 1888Northumberland, England I7127
30 SCORRER, Elizabeth  1876Northumberland, England I6819
31 SMITH, Elizabeth Harvey  1931Northumberland, England I5688
32 STOBBS, William Yeomans  1872Northumberland, England I10397
33 WILE, Hannah  1958Northumberland, England I4776
34 WILE, John Johnson  1840Northumberland, England I6084
35 YEOMANS, Elizabeth Mason  Abt 1880Northumberland, England I10384
36 YOUNG, Isabella  19 Feb 1901Northumberland, England I5263


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 NOTT, Elizabeth  29 Sep 1865Northumberland, England I6909
2 SPOONER, Maria  4 Jan 1866Northumberland, England I4585


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOOLS / DEWDNEY  1943Northumberland, England F3615
2 CAMPBELL / NESWORTHY  1897Northumberland, England F1748
3 GAVIN / WILLAN  1882Northumberland, England F1335
4 HARRISON / STEWART  1853Northumberland, England F1324
5 KIRTON / SHEALS  1876Northumberland, England F1440
6 LARNER / NESSWORTHY  1909Northumberland, England F2408
7 NESSWORTHY / BLACK  1912Northumberland, England F1434
8 NESSWORTHY / WOOD  1932Northumberland, England F1510
9 NESWORTHY / TURNBULL  1935Northumberland, England F1632
10 SHIELD / NOTT  1909Northumberland, England F2405
11 WILE /   Abt 1907Northumberland, England F3318
12 WILE / LINGHAM  1922Northumberland, England F2364

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