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Anne Brooks' Ancestry

Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1796Durham, England I6050
2 BAINBRIDGE, Elizabeth  Abt 1840Durham, England I12727
3 BAINBRIDGE, Ellen  Abt 1838Durham, England I5604
4 BAINBRIDGE, James  Abt 1834Durham, England I5606
5 BAINBRIDGE, Luke  Abt 1828Durham, England I5605
6 FOX, Ethel Maud  20 Jul 1896Durham, England I12352
7 KEDDIE, Agnes  6 Jun 1901Durham, England I4641
8 NESSWORTHY, Catherine M.  Abt 1920Durham, England I5673
9 NESSWORTHY, Doreen  1930Durham, England I5678
10 NESSWORTHY, Elizabeth "Betty"  1925Durham, England I5677
11 NESSWORTHY, James H.  Abt 1928Durham, England I5661
12 NESSWORTHY, Jane H.  Abt 1924Durham, England I5674
13 NESSWORTHY, John Morrison  29 Aug 1916Durham, England I5667
14 NESSWORTHY, Margaret Piper  Abt 1877Durham, England I4970
15 NESSWORTHY, Meldrum Addison "Mel"  6 Jun 1926Durham, England I5660
16 NESSWORTHY, Michael  12 Aug 1953Durham, England I6749
17 NESSWORTHY, Stephen Addison  Abt 1930Durham, England I5662
18 NESSWORTHY, William R.  1921Durham, England I5675
19 NESWORTHY, Annie W.  1915Durham, England I5671
20 NESWORTHY, Barbara Ford Barker  Abt 1929Durham, England I4637
21 NESWORTHY, Christina McLean  1917Durham, England I5669
22 NESWORTHY, Doreen  13 Mar 1921Durham, England I5672
23 NESWORTHY, Eleanor Jones  5 Jun 1869Durham, England I5312
24 NESWORTHY, Isabella A.  Abt 1915Durham, England I5683
25 NESWORTHY, James Ford  Abt 1921Durham, England I5602
26 NESWORTHY, Timothy Ford  1917Durham, England I5670
27 RIDLEY, Elizabeth  Abt 1826Durham, England I6056
28 RIDLEY, James  Abt 1821Durham, England I6055
29 RIDLEY, John  Abt 1831Durham, England I6053
30 RIDLEY, Robert  Abt 1796Durham, England I4100
31 RIDLEY, William  Abt 1819Durham, England I6052
32 SCOTT, Elizabeth  Abt 1801Durham, England I5603
33 TRAIL, Eleanor  Abt 1824Durham, England I6024
34 TRAIL, Mary  Abt 1840Durham, England I6026
35 TRAIL, Mary Ann  Durham, England I6016
36 TRAIL, May  Abt 1823Durham, England I6023


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 NESSWORTHY, Elizabeth  22 Mar 1890Durham, England I5257


Matches 1 to 38 of 38

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDISON, George  1882Durham, England I5279
2 BAINBRIDGE, Mary  1895Durham, England I5175
3 BUNNEY, Timothy  1896Durham, England I13100
4 CARTWRIGHT, Samuel  Abt 1881Durham, England I13103
5 CUNDY, James  1872Durham, England I13094
6 CUNDY, Mary Ann  1917Durham, England I12196
7 FORD, Thomas Dykes  Abt 1891Durham, England I10978
8 FOX, Catherine  1898Durham, England I7232
9 FOX, Ethel Maud  Abt 1899Durham, England I12352
10 GRIGG, Nelson  1919Durham, England I13108
11 HARRIS, John Collingwood  23 Oct 1998Durham, England I1608
12 HARRISON, Isabella W. Sherlock  1881Durham, England I4949
13 MORRISON, Alexander  Abt 1870Durham, England I4961
14 MORRISON, Elizabeth  Abt 1918Durham, England I4085
15 NESSWORTHY, Charles Henry  1981Durham, England I5291
16 NESSWORTHY, David  1964Durham, England I5665
17 NESSWORTHY, George R.  1947Durham, England I7821
18 NESSWORTHY, Jane H.  1935Durham, England I5674
19 NESSWORTHY, John Morrison  1913Durham, England I4109
20 NESSWORTHY, John Piper  Jan 1889Durham, England I4971
21 NESSWORTHY, Margaret Piper  Abt 1878Durham, England I4970
22 NESSWORTHY, Robert  Abt 1920Durham, England I639
23 NESSWORTHY, William Alder  4 Jun 1974Durham, England I6880
24 NESSWORTHY, William Robert  1951Durham, England I4098
25 NESWORTHY, Annie W.  1922Durham, England I5671
26 NESWORTHY, Christina McLean  1917Durham, England I5669
27 NESWORTHY, George Addison  1982Durham, England I4519
28 NESWORTHY, George Hamilton  1948Durham, England I4575
29 NESWORTHY, Isabella Addison  1913Durham, England I4520
30 NESWORTHY, Meldrum Addison  1911Durham, England I4371
31 NESWORTHY, Septimus  Abt 1942Durham, England I5647
32 NESWORTHY, Stephen Addison  1974Durham, England I4572
33 NESWORTHY, Timothy Ford  1917Durham, England I5670
34 NESWORTHY, William  Abt 1975Durham, England I4091
35 NESWORTHY, William Ford  1969Durham, England I4573
36 NESWORTHY, William Matthew  Abt 1876Durham, England I11261
37 NICOL, Charlotte  1897Durham, England I11089
38 TAYLOR, Johanna  17 Jan 1970Durham, England I5575


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BUNNEY / CUNDY  1882Durham, England F3405
2 GRIGG / CUNDY  1896Durham, England F3408
3 HARRISON / CUNDY  1883Durham, England F3407
4 NESSWORTHY / CROSBY  1949Durham, England F1727
5 NESSWORTHY / DAVISON  1929Durham, England F1372
6 NESSWORTHY / JAMES  1920Durham, England F1406
7 NESSWORTHY / LANGLEY  Abt 1916Durham, England F1374
8 NESSWORTHY / SMITH  1954Durham, England F1741
9 NESWORTHY / ALLEN  1934Durham, England F1259
10 NESWORTHY / WEATHERBURN  27 Jul 1928Durham, England F1264
11 NICOL / NESSWORTHY  1926Durham, England F1480
12 ROUTLEDGE / FOXFORD  Abt 1888Durham, England F3409
13 WARDEN / FLETCHER  1860Durham, England F1323
14 WATSON / ROBSON  Abt 1849Durham, England F1564

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